General Chairman

Karen has been volunteering with the Wilmington Flower Market for over 40 years! Karen has done just about every role we have including General Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Director of Plants, and more. She started with the Flower Market when her close friend requested she volunteer with her. Karen says “Flower Market has been an important part of my life and my family and children’s lives for a long time. Being a volunteer at Wilmington Flower Market has helped so many Delaware children over the years and that is what I am most proud of as a volunteer.” She is excited for the years to come, and she looks forward to the continued success of the Wilmington Flower Market and the children’s organizations we support.


General Vice-Chairman

Pre-Market Events

Christine has been volunteering for over 10 years and was introduced to the Wilmington Flower Market through our Chair Karen, who she knows through working together at MBNA and Bank of America. This year is her first-year in her new role as the General Vice-Chairman and second year a Pre-Market Director. Which she says “has been a learning experience for her”. In the role, she recently had to work with Delaware Today magazine for our pre-market auction event which she had to call vendors and businesses for donations for the silent auction and wine toss. Christina says “To volunteer for Wilmington Flower Market is truly a rewarding experience. I wish more people would join us!”



Immediate Past Chairman &
Assistant Treasurer

Karin has been involved with the Flower Market since 2009 holding positions in Beneficiaries and Treasury. She joined the team after being “strongly” encouraged by her boss at the time whose family was very involved. It has been a very important part of her life that she has enjoyed sharing with her daughter, who now serves on the Board too. Karin says, “We have helped so many children of Delaware over the years and it’s always been my favorite part to hand out the money in the end”. She also likes going back to visit the organizations and having them share the successes of their agencies through the use of our funds she says it is “extremely rewarding”.

Director of Publicity

Meet Me! Alyssa the Director of Marketing. The voice behind our Facebook, Instagram, our website and all things marketing. Last year was my first year officially volunteering with the Wilmington Flower Market working beside my Mom Amy Director of Foods in the Beer Garden. I participate in the Flower Market in memory of my father James Malick who was a volunteer for many years, supporting the Flower Market and children of Delaware was his passion. This year I have taken on Marketing. I have experience in Marketing and I strive to share the Flower Market to get more people involved in our amazing organization.  publicity@wilmingtonflowermarket.org

Director of Retail

Terri became a volunteer at Wilmington Flower Market when Genny Crampton, a close church friend, invited her to help in the plant tents. Since then she has been a regular volunteer for more than 20 years and has held several roles on the Board of Directors. As Director of Retail, she is in charge of recruiting, organizing and filling the retail tents for the 3-day Market. We have many returning vendors each year and are always looking for new people.

Director of Foods

Amy first started volunteering with the Wilmington Flower Market the first year we introduced the Beer Garden. Her husband James Malick first started volunteering with the Flower Market and was very passionate about it, inspiring all to get involved. Amy says “Jim loved the Flower Market and I wanted to support him and his passion to raise money for the children of Delaware”. Ever since Amy has ran the Beer Garden and now the Foods with the help and support of friends and family. Amy’s why is James and all of the children it helps in her home state. She continues to volunteer in his memory.



Director of Beneficiaries

Miriam found her passion for the Wilmington Flower Market first by bringing her family for 16 years to the Market, however this year is Miriam’s first year as a Director.As the Director of Beneficiaries Miriam helps identify and distribute the funds we raise to programs dedicated to improving the lives of Delaware’s children. Miriam says “THIS is where the many tireless hours of the WFM volunteers come to fruition. Raising funds and working with a diverse collection of agencies to improve opportunities for the children of Delaware.”

Director of Entertainment

This is Alli’s first year with us. Alli’s desire to volunteer came from her mother. For as long as she can remember her Mom volunteered with the Flower Market at the Market Memories Tent, which she still does. Alli says “it’s such an amazing opportunity to give back to our local community and make a difference in the lives of children”. Alli does all things entertainment at Market.  rides@wilmingtonflowermarket.org


Director of Grounds

Lauren has been involved with the Flower Market for many years. She started volunteering when two of her friends, now former board members asked her to join. Lauren grow up in Wilmington and follows in her mothers foot steps as she also volunteered at the Flower Market. Lauren started as co-chair of rides which then evolved into Director of Entertainment which included ride and games. As the organization evolved her role of selling tickets was no longer needed due to Magic Money implemented in most fairs and events. As she still wanted to continue volunteering she accepted her current role Director of Grounds. This is her first year in this position but she has a lot of help from former directors Janet & John. She says “she is happy to carry on the tradition for many years to come”.


General Treasurer

Nancy has been volunteering with the Flower Market since 1977. She first became involved when her friend asked her to volunteer parking cars. Nancy was unaware at the time who or what the Wilmington Flower Market was. During her time volunteering to park cars, she meant a lot of wonderful people and had so much fun. She has been with the Flower Market ever since, she was hooked. Nancy has sat on the Flower Market Board of Directors since 1986 where she was able to meet with our beneficiaries to discuss their needs. Nancy has had a passion for helping to raise money benefiting Delaware’s children and even has her family very much involved as well. Although the Flower Market has evolved and changed, as we must with the times, the mission has always remained the same!

Director of Plants

Linda has been a Flower Market volunteer for about 35 years. What started her passion for the Flower Market was attending with her children which grew into her current role Director of plants. The Donor Plant tent has been her Flower Market Home, as she has been Co-Chair of the tent for about 20 years. Linda says “I have had the opportunity to personally see the positive benefits of Flower Market.” One of her favorite duties as a Board Member is visiting the beneficiary organizations and hearing how the Wilmington Flower Market has helped thousands of Delaware children for over 100 years.
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Director of Sponsorship

Ginny has been involved with The Wilmington Flower Market for as long as she can remember, spending every market in the Herb Tent with her mother, Alice Crayton. Market has been a huge part of her life so when the time came for her mom and close friend, Nancy Bercaw to step down as Co-Chairs of the Herb Tent it was a no brainer for her and sister, Maddie Clark to step into the roles. Ginny has enjoyed helping to raise money to give back to Delaware’s children and has gotten her own
children and other family members involved with the Herb Tent as well. This is Ginny’s first year as Director of Sponsorship after she chose to become even more involved with Market in memory of her mom. Ginny is excited to step in and grow in the role.